An Update on Mars Oasis

The world needs more companies with audacious missions and the potential to inspire billions. This is why we chose to rekindle the spirit behind Elon's original Mars Oasis vision. Our long-term goal is (and always will be) to grow the first plants on Mars. But in order to make that happen, a lot of groundwork needs to be laid here on Earth.

At Mars Oasis, all decisions are made by consulting our guiding Master Plan (to be released at a future date). Many things are deep under development, but for now, we are ready to announce one thing: the first Mars Oasis product will be a hydroponic garden for your living room. In some ways, it is similar to garden designs that currently exist on the market. But in many others, it is more advanced than anything ever created. It is truly the garden of the future. 

All efforts at Mars Oasis are currently aligned around this one specific initiative. Product development is under way in earnest, and there are now separate projects running in parallel to build out the hardware, embedded software, and mobile apps. Additionally, we are creating prototypes and exploring manufacturing options. More details on all of these aspects are coming soon. Suffice it to say, we can't wait to show you the final product. We know you will love it.

The 22nd century of agriculture has arrived.

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